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Tuesday, 04 December 2012


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Bought your lovely book from you at Ally Pally. You kindly signed it for my 11 yr old daughter, Marcella. She decided that she wanted to make the eponymous Janet first and so we bought the wool. Then, in a move that having read your blog I know you will identify with, she tripped over playing netball and broke her arm. (That we have form in this area is shown by the fact that when we walked into the hospital plaster room the nurse greeted me like a long lost friend - I had a bad road traffic accident last year). Her bright blue plaster cast has now been removed and once the Christmas crafting is over Janet will be on the needles.

Best wishes,


Heike Gittins

Hi Suzie,

what a lovely post and so glad all is going well for you. Love your book and have made a range of gifts from it. Met you once a bout 2 years ago at Wonderwool and sadly too far away to join your fabulous knitting group.
Used to work for Rowan...just like you...and thank you for liking my page on FB.

Best wishes, Heike :)

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